It's been a journey!

Yesēco was founded by me (Jamie Phillips) a beach-loving designer who wanted to be part of the solution rather than simply talking about it.

With a passion for nature and having grown up around the ocean, I have been lucky enough to travel many coastlines around this beautiful blue globe. After seeing masses of plastic littering an incredible island in remote Indonesia, I took it upon myself to try to come up with a creative solution to reduce the use of plastic in everyday products.

I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to be part of the solution rather than just talking about what was wrong with the world. I realised consumers weren’t the problem; it was the lack of good alternatives in the market. I wanted to start solving small problems on a big scale...

The a-ha moment struck me as I was politely doing the dishes in a friends recently renovated designer kitchen...

The products and tools that we need in the kitchen every day are hidden away, look ugly and are unhygienic, non-ergonomic and terrible for the environment.

To make the worlds best dish brush... and that's how I lost three years of my life! hahaha.
But seriously... it consumed me and I would not stop until I had solved every pain point in a new and innovative way.

In December 2021 (after 18+months of R&D/development) The ONE BRUSH design was finally ready. With global patents filed, it was finally time to introduce it to the world!

I launched it as a Kickstarter in December 2021, which was an incredible experience (if anyone wants advice here, please reach out), and we had 1,600 customers/orders to make!

Now... I strongly suggest against launching a product during a global pandemic... and even more so before the molds are made! This is where the hugely tricky gap between a nice design and a commercially viable product and design for mass manufacturing meet... it was not pretty... with many iterations needed and problem solving that can take months for each change.

But there was absolutely no way that I was going to let down anyone who had trusted me with their hard earn dollars to bring this product to life and in September 2023 we had production sorted and all Kickstarter & Indiegogo backers orders fulfilled.

It has been an incredible journey and will only get better from here. With slight product tweaks and new additions (like the longer lasting recycled plastic brush head below) the future for yeseco is looking bright and I can't wait to share it with you all.

Thank you so much for trusting in me and backing yeseco.

Every home, office, RV and boat has a kitchen. Delivering high quality, environmentally friendly kitchen essentials, Yeseco is a small gesture that works towards a bigger solution”.