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RPP Replacement Brush Heads x3

RPP Replacement Brush Heads x3

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EXCLUSIVE... BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE for 3days only!

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*Please note these are on back-order and all orders will ship first week of June.

Say hello to these little beauties! Not only do they look super slick with black & white colour options to match your handle, they out perform the previous bamboo version by many months! (I have been testing one for 3 months now and it still looks brand new).

The new design now uses recycled plastic (instead of bamboo) with natural sisal fibre bristles and I can't even put into words how much of an upgrade they are!


~ But, why are these new/have changed?

Essentially because we have listened to your feedback... and although we love bamboo as a raw material, it can be very problematic. If the bamboo is not washed and heat treated effectively when cut (a very hard thing to guarantee) it can hold sugar and starch in its fibres, which easily turns to mould in the right/wrong environment.

But fear not! Our new replacement heads will put an end to that mould issue for good.

~ But Plastic?

We agree and very much feel that virgin plastic is the enemy... However, this planet is clogged with used/plastic waste that needs to be repurposed and reused in smart ways and feel that this is a great opportunity.

~ I wish to use my existing bamboo heads.

Not a problem at all and we have added some extra information to the FAQs page about caring for the brush heads and minimising mould:


My base is 100% recycled plastic (the waste stream we all need to find smart ways to utilise), and my bristles are Sisal Fibre form the Agave Plant... which is a by product when tequila is made... SALUD!


I should be good to go for months!
If any discolouration or mould does occur you can simply soak me in vinegar or put me through the dishwasher(be careful it's not too scorching hot).


I come in packs of 3 (with regular use this should be a years supply) and my packaging is a two part sleeve/box that is very jazzy... if I say so myself.


7-14 days is the simple answer… but I would love to explain a little more below, alternatively you could check for local stockists in your area or please let me know of a shop that yeseco simply must be in!

At yeseco, we're not a big global brand with endless resources… truth be told we are a team of one on a global mission…. Nice to meet you I’m Jamie the founder/designer/jack of all trades!

From the inception of yeseco five years ago in Australia to the breakthrough design of "The ONE BRUSH" (during the challenges of COVID), the journey has been a solo endeavor. While being a one-person team has its unique challenges, it's the passion for innovative product design that keeps me going.

Managing global logistics adds another layer to the “adventure”.
With strategic shipping hubs in New Zealand, Australia, the US, and our central base in Hong Kong, we're working tirelessly to ensure your yeseco experience is seamless. Your order's shipping time is typically 7-14 days, depending on your location and stock availability in our local hubs.

Your support means the world to me as we navigate the complexities of global logistics and strive to bring yeseco to your doorstep.

Chat soon ~ Jamie

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